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ALSO AVAILABLE SOLAR PANEL, PUMP 12V, CABLES ETC. in Ca USA does not use the original formula.

They have copy our web site without authorisation

A special oil formula developed in Quebec, Canada has been used in accumulator batteries for over 30 years, No body in the world have this secret formula. We sold Thermo's oil only to China.

Because we care about safety and the environment, the special oil, under normal conditions, reduces evaporation, along with toxic fumes and eliminates corrosion on battery posts, connectors and cables.

thermo oil accumulator batteries  recharges faster than a normal acid battery.

If a quick discharge of your oil's accumulator batteries  occurs (head lights lepton), the special electrolyte formula which has been developed in combination with the battery, will permit 80% self-recharge of initial charge within ½ hour without any outside power.

Any battery can be replaced by our oil' accumulator batteries Thermo without any modification or special installation.

Our oil accumulator batteries must be used on the following equipment and more.

Véhicules récréatifs   Automobiles Camionettes  Canadian American Transportation 

  Véhicules d'urgences      Fermes    Machinerie lourde  

 Intérieur ou extérieur      Voiturettes de golf    Véhicules récréatifs          

           Motocyclettes          Motoneiges         Véhicules pour handicapés


These, are some advantages of using thermo's oil treatment:

  • 97% toxic fumes elimination

  • No PCB's

  • Corrosion reduction

  • Minimum explosion risks

  • Working live increased up to 25%

  • 80% of initial capacity self-recharge within ½ hour (on a quick discharge and not completely)

  • Faster recharge

  • Increase shelf life

  • Better warranty

  • Extreme temperatures resistance 

Oil' treatment  

 Full of energy 

More than 1 000 000 users are testing our oil battery at work everyday with success.

Multinationals and governments  use our product for many applications due the reduce maintenance cost and security.

Amateur Radio used Thermo's oil accumulator batteries because its reliable in case of emergency.

We are also providing Thermo's oil to the Asian market.

If there is an accumulator batteries , you can replace it with oil's accumulator batteries Thermo.

As for example :

We have a logic answer with our oil's accumulator batteries

We have a logic answer with our  oil's accumulator batteries 

If you are a battery user, check with our technicians, we might have the correct answer to your problems.


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