1.   Introduction to the THERMO oil treatment for accumulator batteries


The THERMO oil treatment is performed exclusively on first quality accumulator batteries.


A special formula is added to the electrolyte, increasing accumulator battery performance. 


The battery treated with THERMO oil demonstrates prolonged durability, increased power, and superior performance, even in extreme weather conditions.  At full initial charge, the accumulator battery treated with THERMO oil maintains maximum power, even after 6 to 8 months of inactivity.  The special formula allows gas, which would normally escape to convert into ions thus obtaining maximum density, which in turn allows it to keep up performance levels.



2.   History of use


Already in use for over thirty years, it was born from a concern for safety, performance and reliability, and these qualities are in fact unequalled to date.  Conceived in a country where thermal variations are extreme, this battery can confront the most severe weather conditions.  It will provide necessary starting energy at all times.  Still today, more than 1,000,000 users are witness to its performances, and the product continues to prove itself.


Several multinational facilities equip their interior electric vehicles with our oil treated batteries (often recommended by worker's health and safety committees).



3.    THERMO oil accumulator battery functioning techniques


The sulphuric acid contained in an acid/lead accumulator battery is a highly corrosive substance.  Due to the properties of the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery, the oil remains at the surface acting as a seal, improving the battery's performance while enhancing reliability and safety.  In turn, maintenance needs and costs in particular, are significantly reduced.


This makes for much safer manipulation and less damage to the environment than the non-treated acid/lead accumulator battery.


The THERMO oil mix retains 97% of toxic and corrosive vapours released by acid evaporation.  These vapours are highly explosive are 100% responsible for the internal and external corrosion which break up the battery plates, supports, and conductor cables.


Premature discharges in a non-treated acid/lead accumulator battery are caused by the evaporation of acid deposits, which gather at the surface of the battery and short-circuits the terminals.


In the THERMO oil treated battery, the thermal barrier produced by the special formula, which stands between it and the exterior, reduces water consumption in the acid.  No other battery treatment produces this barrier. This property allows the oil treated battery to conserve its charge and limits voltage loss, loss, which is typical of other acid/lead type, filled batteries.


         In 30C cold conditions, recharging time of a THERMO oil treated accumulator battery is inferior to that of other types of non-treated acid/lead batteries.  On the other hand, if a treated battery is completely discharged, it will require a superior charge time due to its great electrical capacity.


         Conceived for a climate of rigorous temperatures, the THERMO oil treated battery can supply starting power without problem in the worst conditions.  In temperatures as low as -30C the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery demonstrates it is superiority over the non-treated accumulator battery.  The special formula of its electrolyte allows it to maintain a density favourable to it is functioning. 


         In particularly warm temperatures, its mixture prevents degradation and fragmentation of its ingredients.  Its density thus maintained gives it retention properties, which trap acid vapours.


         After an incomplete (75%) and rapid discharge, the THERMO accumulator battery self-recovers between 70% and 80% of its initial capacity without the exterior help of a charger or an alternator.


         The special formula's exceptional features make the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery a 20 to 25% more durable product than other types of non-treated acid/lead accumulator batteries.



4.   Specific benefits of the THERMO oil treated battery


     It contains no PCBs

     Its longevity is increased by up to 25%

     97% of toxic gases are eliminated

     Risks of explosion are reduced to a minimum

     Toxic vapours are almost nonexistent under the hood

     No corrosion on conductor cables, radiator, supports, etc.

     Quick recharging time

     High performance in extreme temperatures

     Long storage life without recharging (8 months)

     The oil retains suspended particles  


5.    Evaluation of the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery


        When overcharge occurs in an acid/lead non-treated type accumulator battery, the water contained in its electrolyte evaporates and discharges highly explosive hydrogen gases, and excessively corrosive oxygen gases (corrosive to components).  Its environment is thus threatened, which is not the case of the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery.  As temperature rises, the Thermo-ionic effect of the special formula controls the chemical reactions, allows ion charging, and increases calorific break-up.


        Chemical reactions in non-treated acid/lead accumulator batteries mainly affect their performance and capacity.  The evaporated hydrogen and oxygen gases can no longer be used in the recharge process.  New atoms must be used, which each time effectively reduces their capacity and longevity, and damages their environment.


        Even if distilled water is added, or even if the accumulator battery is sealed, the natural electrolyte balance in the non-treated batteries is destabilized, causing irreversible damage.


        When abuse occurs, the oxide produced by the hydrogen vapours brings on a slow unloading of the non-treated acid/lead accumulator battery.


        In the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery, internal temperature is controlled thanks to the special formula which brings balance to it's electrolyte and allows it to attain a saturation level superior to it's boiling point compared to the non-treated battery.


        If the THERMO oil accumulator battery is overcharged, hydrogen and oxygen emanations will not deposit on the battery surface unless oil is overcharged in ions.


        In preventing undesirable gas formation, the specially formulated oil has the property of maintaining the hydrogen and oxygen gases in an ionic state until they are used in the chemical reaction.


        The phenomena bring on two great benefits:  one physical (protects components) and the other chemical (limits transformations).  The ionic effect improves the natural charging characteristics.


        The thermal qualities of the special THERMO oil accumulator batteries formula allow better calorie absorption of the mixture in a normal environment.  In cold temperature conditions, ion movement generates warmth, which stabilizes the functioning of the oil treated accumulator battery whereas in these same conditions, other types of non-treated acid/lead batteries produce explosive gases.


        With the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery, risks of explosion are reduced almost to nil.  In not producing corrosive gases, the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery prevents premature rusting and slows the aging of the electric cabling (verdigris).  No electron flow is present on the terminals and no electrical resistance occurs.


        While conserving the hydrogen and oxygen gases in a catalytic solution, electrolyte density adapts naturally to the load/unload cycles, even at rest.


        Oil plays another important role.  It retains a certain amount of plate particles, which detach themselves from the plates due to normal deterioration caused by use.  The oil stops them from re-depositing themselves on the plates provoking premature aging.  As a result:  improved longevity of the accumulators.


6.   Safety


        THERMO oil treated accumulator battery users are assured relative security, for it produces a negligible minimum of explosive, toxic and corrosive vapours; its environment is thus protected.


7.   Durability


The THERMO oil treatment is done on new premium quality batteries, which respect very strict quality standards.  This guarantees not only safety to the user but also exceptional durability in a wide range of operating conditions.



8.   Recuperation capacity (recharging)


Should the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery inadvertently and suddenly discharge (be drained of 75% of it's total charge capacity), a rest period of 30 to 40 minutes will be sufficient for it to recover 80% of it's initial charge.  This will allow for a vehicle start, even in -30C temperatures.



9.   It's electrolyte


         The special THERMO oil formula contains seven different types of oil.


         It is manufactured in Quebec.  Users of the THERMO oil treated battery can verify the state of the electrolyte by checking the colour:


           Initially or if it is potential is not in great demand:  red

           Between 3 and 4 months of heavy use:  light brown

           If abuse or surcharge occur:  dark brown almost black

          If the battery is discharged for too long a time, or if the density of its electrolyte is low for too long a time:  beige in all cells

           If the beige colour does not appear in all cells, it means that certain cells are not fully charged or density of electrolyte is low.


10.                        Battery maintenance


       The THERMO oil treated accumulator battery requires 50% less maintenance than other types of non-treated acid/lead accumulator batteries.  The special formula reduces evaporation.  In need, if the level goes down, the user can add distilled water only.  A periodical check (once or twice a year) is advised to prevent eventual plate deterioration.


11.                        Charging the battery


      Special conditions may be required for charging the THERMO oil treated accumulator battery.  We must consider that it has it is own auto-charge characteristics.  Above 30% of its total capacity, it requires less charge time than a non-treated acid/lead accumulator battery.  Below 30%, it will require more time to charge due to its great capacity.


      The re-charging must attain 14.8 volts and stop.  At rest (after 8 hours) the battery must have between 12.6 and 12.7 volts.  Below these figures, the battery will show signs of weakness and must be re-charged.


12.                        It is uses


    They are almost endless.  All kinds of non-sealed accumulator batteries can be treated with the THERMO oil.


    For example:  batteries for cars, trucks, heavy machinery, farm machinery, recreational vehicles of all kinds (campers, boats, motorbikes...), utility vehicles (police cars, fire trucks, ambulances), transport floats, rolling chairs, golf carts, emergency systems in case of power breakdowns, well or cesspool pumps, heating system ventilators and many more.


    The THERMO oil treated accumulator battery is therefore available in all formats.